Privacy Policy

Your identity is yours and will always be. Your data are yours and will always be.

Thank you for taking the effort to read our Privacy Policy. We also encourage you to review the Terms and Conditions, which is the agreement between you and SPROCKLER that governs your use of the Site, as well as provides the terms and conditions under which SPROCKLER provides, and you may use, the SPROCKLER Service. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, you may not use this Website or its Services.

We’ve created this Policy in to explain how we handle your data. The main thing we want to emphasize is that we are very firm in our privacy principle that you own what is yours. We have taken serious measures to ensure that is and remains the case! If you have any further questions about our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Effective: 1st of January, 2015


We consider three types of interaction with SPROCKLER. First there are people that visit our website but do not register. These will be referred to as "visitors". Then we will have people that register and create an account. These will be referred to as "users". Finally, we will have people that partake in responding to inquiries after being invited to do so by our users. These will be referred to as "participants" (and sometimes as respondents). We refer to our consumers as “Visitors” and “Users.” If you visit our Site and do not register, we refer to you as a “Visitor.” If you choose to register on our Site, we refer to you as a “User.”


(a) Storage: We do not store email addresses from the participants that you invite. Sometimes, we need these email addresses to generate individual codes, but even then, we will not store these email addresses. Instead, we will store a hash from which email addresses cannot be retrieved. The hash is used to be able to know that a set of responses comes from the same respondent - i.e. we don't know and cannot retrieve his email address. The respondents are not only anonymous to us, but also to you, as we will provide you the information needed to couple email addresses to individual respondents.

(b) Tracking: As we don't store email addresses of invited respondents you may invite, we cannot use this information in any way. In particular, we cannot contact your participants or sell their email addresses to third parties. Our hashing system allows to track whether a person with a particular email address has already responded or not and can be used for future reference. It does in no way allow to retrieve his/her email address. This ensures that responses remain completely anonymous, even when using personal codes, while still allowing to match responses of different inquiries over time, like in cohort studies.

(c) Optional mail contact: If you, as Inquiry designer, wish to invite people to submit their email addresses in case their anonymity is not relevant to them or to you, you can request them do so by including a question in your inquiry asking them for it. The decision is entirely yours and your respondents.


(a) Required info: To register to use some parts of the Service, you must provide a full name and email address only. To purchase service, we also require your payment/invoicing information. SPROCKLER only collects this personal information if a Visitor chooses to register with the Service to become a User.

(b) Contacting you: SPROCKLER may use your registration information to contact you to: Deliver the Service and improve our Site, Service, features and content, and provide customer service; administer and enable your use, enjoyment and navigation of our Site, Service, and mobile Site; better understand your needs and interests; fulfil requests you make; and personalize your experience.


If you are an authorized user you can administer and control your own inquiries. We only function as a Service provider. Only you and the people who are invited for a certain inquiry can see the inquiry. Third parties cannot.

At SPROCKLER inquiries are open for persons from organisations. Upon registration, you need to provide both a user name and an organisation name. Typically, you will be the only person that can access the inquiries, add, change or delete questions, and to see, download and work with the responses. It is up to you if you want to share your account to allow someone else to help you in this process. Larger organisations can benefit from the fact that we do allow other users from the same organisation to access the same set of inquiries. Such users can be granted limited rights. As such, someone may only be able to provide translations, or to use our Visualizer. The first person from a new organisation will be granted administration rights. He/she can create other accounts and set their rights.

You own your inquiry data. The inquiries you design are private and you decide who gets to see them. We do not use data (unless when you request us to do so, for technical support for instance) . We allow you to download your data, even after your subscription has ended. We will remove data from our servers upon your request (or after due notification after ending a subscription).


(a) SSL: Data security is very important to us. To that end, communications with our servers use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This also holds for communications between the Android app and the server (uploading of responses). SSL disallows others from reading and modifying the communication (probably with an exception of top intelligence and secret agencies like NSA).

(b) Encryption on mobile: The Collector app also encrypts data that are temporarily stored on mobile devices (during off-line usage). They are removed from the device after the server confirms their receipt.


SPROCKLER Site, mobile Site and the Services may contain links to other websites, but please be aware that SPROCKLER is not responsible for those websites’ privacy practices. SPROCKLER encourages User and Visitors to be aware when they leave the Site and to read the privacy policies of each website they visit that collects personal information. This Privacy Policy applies solely to information collected on this Site and our mobile Site.